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News Producer

Marc BĂ©langer

Senior Labour Reporter

C. Marie Ainsborough

LabourStart Correspondents

Derek Blackadder

Andrew Casey

International Correspondents

Diana Beaumont - Australia Asia Workers Links
Peter Hall-Jones - New Unionism Network correspondent
Jasna Petrovic - Gender issues, Central and Eastern Europe
Robin Jane Roff - Labour history
Paul Tulloch - Multinational corporations correspondent
William Nee - China Labour Bulletin liaison correspondent
Servais Akpaca - ITUC Africa
Ron Verzuh - Arts

Regional Correspondents

Juan Manggagawa - Phillipines
Andrew Oxford - USA
Joel Odigie - Nigeria
Dave Smith - Caribbean
Masha Kurzina - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia
Thomas Campbell - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia

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