Put RadioLabour
on your site

To put RadioLabour's daily broadcasts on your website, copy the code below and insert it into your web page. The broadcasts will be up-dated automatically.

<a href="/rl-daily5.html" target="_blank"
title="RadioLabour is the international labour movement's radio service">
<img style="border: 0px solid ; width: 50px; height: 50px;
" alt="RadioLabour Daily" src="/rl-icon-small.png" /></a>


RadioLabour Daily

Only the button is active. This allows you to put it anywhere you want on your site. You should have explanatory text near it such as, simply," "RadioLabour". Or more descriptively: "RadioLabour is the international labour movement's radio service."
For an example of how an organization uses this service, visit the home page of IndustriALL

To put an rss feed of the daily newscasts, including the headlines, send us a message. For an example of our rss feed see LabourStart