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May 25 to May 29, 2015

Monday Thousands of Mexican farm workers win two month strike / Police occupy Ugandan transport workers union office / National bargaining for garment workers to be established / Global campaign to end precarious work

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Labour organizations demand action on climate change

Climate change The ITUC has called on labour organizations to lobby their governments for policies aimed at a just transition to low carbon economies. A week of advocacy has been called for June 1-7, 2015. ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow describes "just transition" and what can be done to move towards it.
Duration: 3'00"


Asbestos again not included in list of dangerous substances

Asbestos Signatories to the Rotterdam Convention again fail to include asbestos in list of dangerous substances. Interview: Brian Kohler, Director of IndustriALL's Health, Safety and Sustainability department.
Duration: 6'49"


Global labour demands
end to slavery in Qatar

Migrant workers in Qatar Qatar is using thousands of migrant workers to build the facilities for the 2022 World Cup of Football. Interview: ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow..
Duration 2'30"


How Canada helped mining company bust unions in Mexico

Mexican Los Mineros How the Canadian embassy in Mexico helped a mining company to abuse the rights of workers and rural landowners at La Platosa mine. Interview: Jennifer Moore, Latin America co-ordinator for Mining Watch Canada
Duration: 12'40"


McDonald's avoids paying
1 billion in European taxes

McDonald's McDonald's is using extraordinary measures to avoid paying its fair share of taxes. Interview: Daniel Bertossa, PSI's Director of Policy and Governance.
Duration 9'45"


Labour demands corporations pay compensation to Bangladeshi garment workers

Bangladesh At the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaste IndustriALL demanded that corporations pay their share of compensation. Interview: IndustriALL General-Secretarty Jyrki Raina.
Duration: 6'40"


Global trade deal aims at
privatizing education

TISA The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) is a huge trade deal being negotiated by 50 participants that represent 70 percent of the world's trade in services. One of the services being bargained with corporations is public education.
Duration 7'48"

Feature Programmes

Africa needs stronger unions
The $2.6 trillion a year lost to corruption
could be used to fund decent public services.

There are 21 million trapped
in forced labour

Walmart and Gap refuse to sign
Bangladesh safety accord

Labour's use of radio
Global Week of Action
to improve public education

Thousands march against
US-EU trade deal

Global Day of Action for lowly paid workers
Guatemala bans collective bargaining
in public sector

The Swaziland police have been breaking
up meetings of the Trade Union Congress
of Swaziland (TUCOSWA).

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Derek Blackadder The May 15, 2015
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